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RESTOREFAST is a premier emergency response contractor for 24-hour flood restoration, mold remediation/prevention, and equipment rentals servicing commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. Our corporate office is located in Bethesda, MD with regional offices in Raleigh and Tampa – guaranteeing less than 4 hours response time from Pennsylvania down to Florida.



RESTOREFAST is a leading provider of emergency restoration services for water, mold and fire damage. Our team of highly skilled professionals has decades of experience in the industry, and we are dedicated to helping businesses recover quickly and efficiently from disasters that can cause significant damage to their property.

At RESTOREFAST, we understand the importance of prompt and effective restoration services in minimizing downtime and protecting our clients’ assets. That’s why our team is available 24/7 to respond to your call and provide you with the solutions you need.

Our comprehensive services include water extraction, mold remediation, structural drying, and complete reconstruction. We use state-of-the-art equipment and advanced techniques to ensure that the job is done right the first time, every time.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business recover from flood and mold damage.


Branded RestoreFast service vehicles, a van and a larger truck, side by side outside the company's warehouse, display blue and orange colors with the logo. Services advertised include mold removal, mold remediation, water and flood damage restoration, and fire restoration. The contact number 1-888-703-5663 is also prominently featured for service inquiries.


If your home, business or industrial property has been affected by water damage and flooding problems, RESTOREFAST representatives will be on site within four hours to fully assess the situation properly, restore the area, and cleanup your space to pre-loss condition. In the event of an emergency, RESTOREFAST is available 24/7, 365 days per year.

Certified technicians from RestoreFast, clad in protective gear, stand ready beside a company truck emblazoned with services for emergency mold, fire, and water restoration. The truck indicates the use of advanced equipment like air scrubbers, negative air machines, and dehumidifiers for effective mold remediation. Available 24/7, RestoreFast ensures thorough disinfection and mold damage repair for homes and buildings


RESTOREFAST uses top-of-the-line equipment, such as air scrubbers and negative air machines, dehumidifiers, air blowers and air movers to rid your home or buildings of mold and mildew. Our certified technicians are on call 24/7, equipped with fully loaded units, ready to handle any mold problem and ensure that your home is disinfected and all mold damage is repaired.

Interior view of a wood-framed structure undergoing mold prevention treatment by RestoreFast. The image highlights the importance of treating such constructions before completion to protect against hidden mold. Skilled technicians from RestoreFast offer mold prevention solutions to safeguard the health of future tenants, employees, or families.


It is crucial for wood framed structures to first be treated with mold prevention to ensure that your property does fall susceptible to hidden mold post-construction. At RESTOREFAST, our skilled technicians provide mold prevention solutions for your wood-framed structures. Reduce the risk of mold for your future tenants, employees, or families now. 

Discover RestoreFast's rental offerings for high-demand mold remediation, water damage recovery, and fire restoration equipment. Choose from air blowers, industrial fans, and dehumidifiers to effectively manage mold, water, and fire damage. Renting from us means cost savings, no maintenance hassles, and zero storage issues. For equipment rental inquiries, call 1-888-70FLOOD (1-888-703-5663).


At RESTOREFAST, we provide top-of-the-line equipment such as air blowers, industrial fans, and dehumidifiers. You can rent our equipment to avoid the high cost associated with purchasing new. Plus, you don’t have to worry about maintenance or storage. Equipment rentals are available upon request, please call 1-888-70FLOOD (1-888-703-5663) for more information.


How RESTOREFAST Utilizes Technology

At RESTOREFAST, we believe that by integrating the right tools and software, we can provide our clients with a superior level of service and ensure that every project is completed on time, within budget, well-documented, and to the highest standard.

We take a comprehensive approach to project management and utilize cutting-edge technology to streamline every aspect of our workflow.

Alert icon indicating RestoreFast's rapid emergency response service. Text highlights 24/7 availability of skilled technicians who assess, remediate, and restore properties within 4 hours, ensuring top-tier property recovery


When you call RESTOREFAST, our emergency team is ready on a call’s notice. Our team of skilled technicians will respond under 4 hours and will immediately assess, remediate, and restore your property to brand new.

Comprehensive Documentation Service icon with a description of RestoreFast's use of 3D imaging, GPS tracking, and management software for detailed documentation of restoration and remediation processes, including reports, manpower allocation, and photographic evidence.


Throughout our restoration and remediation process, our technicians will be using out 3D imaging, GPS tracking, and management softwares to fully document your emergency from start to finish with reports, manpower, pictures, equipment, and more.

Pie chart icon representing Cumulative Reports by RestoreFast. Text states that post-emergency remediation, the team compiles thorough documentation from before, during, and after the incident into a final, detailed report for clients.


Once your emergency has been fully remediated, our team will combine all documentation that was collected in the field before, during, and after your emergency and create a final report for you and your team.

Communication bubble icon for RestoreFast's service step 4: Communication. The accompanying text explains that after remediation, RestoreFast assists teams with comprehensive final reports and insurance claim guidance to ensure a stress-free resolution.


Once remediation has been completed and a final report created, we will provide your team with the final report and help you work with insurance to disrupt any claims and help you have the best possible outcome with the least amount of stress.

Project Management Software

At RESTOREFAST, we understand how difficult it is to manage a large workforce across thousands of square footage on a job-site. This is why we use innovative project management technology that streamlines the entire process. With our technology, workers will be geofenced into our system to ensure they are on-site, on time and working efficiently. Our technology allows workers to upload photos to provide real time inspections on the work being completed.

All of this information is then consolidated into a “daily log” and sent straight to our client’s email daily.

Cutting-edge RestoreFast Project Management Software, featuring on a laptop and smartphone, optimizes large-scale construction management. Key functionalities like geofencing, real-time photo documentation, and efficient worker tracking are visualized, enhancing job-site accountability. Comprehensive daily logs are systematically emailed to clients, ensuring meticulous project oversight and client engagement

Equipment Tracking Software

RESTOREFAST takes pride in our equipment tracking technology, which allows us to reduce downtime between projects and increase equipment productivity on-site by streamlining inventory management. Our system also immediately identifies equipment that needs maintenance or repairs, so we can guarantee only the highest quality equipment is brought on-site.

RestoreFast's Equipment Tracking Software on display, showcasing an efficient inventory management interface on a laptop and tablet. This technology is pivotal for enhancing on-site equipment productivity, minimizing project downtime, and ensuring prompt maintenance and repairs for optimal equipment reliability.

3D Imaging Software

3D imaging software is utilized to accurately capture the initial state of a project. This allows insurance companies to view the site in the cloud, and have a clear understanding of the extent of the damage.
We use the same 3D imaging software to capture the final state of the project once our work is complete. This level of documentation provides our clients with peace of mind that their property has been fully restored, and they can confidently move on to working with their insurance provider.

RestoreFast's advanced 3D Imaging Software displayed, capturing a project's initial and final states for detailed assessment. The software facilitates cloud-based reviews for insurance companies, ensuring transparency and clarity on damage extent and restoration completion.

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