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RestoreFast App

Our innovative mobile application is designed for property owners, managers, developers, and anyone in urgent need of services for water damage, hurricanes, mold outbreaks, and more. 

We're your comprehensive solution for efficient emergency management, offering water damage restoration, mold remediation, and flood clean-up services.

Expertise and Speed

One-Touch Emergency Response: Just like Uber revolutionized transportation, RestoreFast has simplified accessing emergency services. With a single tap, users can request emergency assistance, complete with live tracking and real-time project updates.

Project Tracking with ProCore: Track every detail of your project, including worker locations, daily reports, and important documents, all integrated seamlessly with ProCore for unmatched management efficiency.

Service Request Submission Made Easy: Submit requests for labor, equipment rental, or emergency assistance directly through our app. Our immediate syncing with ProCore eliminates the hassle of finding contractors or restoration specialists.

Working with Insurance Providers

We make it easier for you by directly billing insurance providers for residential restoration or cleaning services. 
We have partnerships with insurance companies. These partnerships help us handle claims effectively. We can support your needs for water extraction or fire restoration projects.​

For Homeowners

We streamline the restoration process by directly liaising with your insurance provider, covering everything from mold remediation to fire damage repair. Our team expertly handles documentation and negotiations, ensuring a smooth claims process and direct billing. With our vast network of insurance partnerships, we efficiently manage claims for water extraction, fire restoration, and more, removing the hassle for homeowners. We focus on getting your home fixed quickly, allowing you to focus on getting back to normal life.

For businesses

We specialize in simplifying the insurance claims process for commercial clients, efficiently navigating the complexities of commercial policies to minimize disruptions during restoration projects. By coordinating closely with insurance providers for mold remediation, fire damage repair, and documenting every step meticulously, we ensure a seamless claims experience. Our team takes on the burden of insurance paperwork and negotiations, aiming to restore not just your property, but also your peace of mind, allowing you to focus on business recovery.

​Recognizing the importance of quick action and minimal operational interruptions, we offer comprehensive support in managing insurance communications and documentation. Our proactive approach includes detailed assessments, immediate mitigation actions for insurance approval, and thorough reporting on restoration efforts. We work diligently to restore your property efficiently and in line with insurance companies' preferences for cost-effectiveness, fostering prompt and fair claim resolutions. Our goal is to handle the insurance complexities so you can concentrate on rebuilding and advancing your business.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Direct Access to Services

Instantly connect with the help you need for tackling mold spores, dealing with standing water, or addressing flood damage. Essential for insurance companies and property managers navigating flood insurance claims or damaged materials.

Combining Technology with Traditional Services

RestoreFast merges cutting-edge tech with the personalized service of traditional restoration. Our live tracking and transparent request process ensure efficient and caring service delivery.

User-Friendly App

Our app is designed to make project management effortless. Enjoy real-time updates, communicate easily with field workers, and manage documents with a few clicks. ProCore integration means your information is always accurate and up-to-date.​

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For urgent cases, please call
1-888-70FLOOD (1-888-703-5663)


For non-urgent matters, to request a quote, service agreement, or specialized contact, please email or give us a call.
1-888-70FLOOD (1-888-703-5663)

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