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We make it easy for you by working directly with your insurance company.

we handle all billing and documentation for your insurance claim, ensuring you receive full coverage. We're preferred by major insurers and have extensive claims experience.

Expertise and Speed: RestoreFast's Insurance Claim Support

At RestoreFast, we know it's tough to handle property damage, especially with insurance claims. This is particularly true for cases involving water damage, mold damage, or fire aftermath. We aim to simplify things for you. We want to assist you by making things easier.

We have expertise in mold removal, water damage restoration, and fire damage restoration. We will use this knowledge to ensure your insurance claim process is easy and fast. We provide fast help on-site for situations like flood restoration or fire damage. Taking quick action is important to minimize damage and make the claims process smoother with your insurance company.

We keep you informed during mold inspection and remediation, starting from the beginning and continuing until the end. Our team talks to your insurance representatives, keeping you updated throughout the process.​

RestoreFast combines local service with national standards and efficiency, providing personalized attention and a reliable network. We handle water damage and mold cleaning professionally and with a focus on our clients' needs.​

Working with Insurance Providers

We make it easier for you by directly billing insurance providers for residential restoration or cleaning services. 
We have partnerships with insurance companies. These partnerships help us handle claims effectively. We can support your needs for water extraction or fire restoration projects.

For Homeowners

We liaise directly with your insurance provider to ensure coverage for necessary restoration services, from mold remediation to fire damage repair. Our team assists in documenting the damage and restoration steps, facilitating a smoother claims process. We work with insurance providers to make the process easy for our clients. We handle the residential restoration and cleaning services billing, so you don't need to worry about it.

Thanks to our extensive network of national and local insurance partnerships, we have the expertise to handle claims efficiently. We can help with water extraction or fire restoration. We know how to work the system and support your needs.  For homeowners, we understand the importance of ensuring coverage for necessary restoration services. We help with water, mold, or fire damage and work with your insurance to make sure you get the help you need. Our team will document the damage and restoration steps, making the claims process easier and more efficient for you.

We make fixing your home after a disaster easier by working with insurance companies for direct billing. We take care of paperwork and negotiations, so you can concentrate on returning to your normal life.

For businesses

We fully assist commercial clients with insurance paperwork and communication. We understand the nuances of commercial policies, striving to minimize business interruption during large-scale restoration projects.

Dealing with the aftermath of a disaster and insurance claims can be extremely difficult and complex. That's why we go above and beyond to ensure that our clients receive the support they need every step of the way.

Our team works hard to coordinate with your insurance provider for mold remediation or fire damage repair. We understand the significance of a smooth and efficient claims process. Therefore, we take meticulous notes of the damage and the necessary steps for its repair.

We give you proof for your claim and make sure we don't miss anything. We offer evidence for your claim and make sure we don't overlook anything. Fixing your home after a disaster involves more than just repairing the damage. It also involves restoring your peace of mind and assisting you in returning to your normal life.

That's why we take the burden of dealing with insurance paperwork and negotiations off your shoulders. We handle insurance paperwork and direct billing so that you can focus on rebuilding.

We understand that time is crucial for our business clients. Any disruption to your operations can be costly. That's why we offer full support in managing insurance paperwork and communications for commercial policies.

Our team is familiar with these policies, so we can minimize disruptions to your business during large restoration projects. At our company, we believe that delivering outstanding service involves more than just physically restoring your property.

We will always be there for you, starting from the beginning and assisting you in evaluating and fixing everything. We'll handle your insurance needs so you can focus on rebuilding. Quick action is important in urgent situations like mold clean up or fire damage control. Our technicians are prompt in assessing the damage and initiating mitigation, a key factor in gaining insurance approval.

We make detailed reports for insurance claims. These reports document mold inspections and water damage repairs. The purpose is to ensure that we properly record all restoration work.

We try to fix your property back to how it was before, which is cheaper and preferred by insurance companies.

We actively collaborate with major insurance companies to ensure that we process your claim promptly and fairly. We utilize our understanding of their guidelines to achieve this.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Quality Assurance

Our focus extends beyond mere restoration; we emphasize ensuring quality results aligned with industry-leading practices. This method works well for cleaning up water or fire damage and helps control insurance expenses.

Our team consists of certified professionals. These professionals include IICRC-certified technicians. These technicians are skilled in restoration. They have experience in dealing with black mold and repairing water damage. This certification is your assurance that our restoration methods adhere to the highest industry standards

IICRC Certified emblem indicating professional recognition in the restoration industry, assuring adherence to the highest quality and standards.

Partnering with Reliable Vendors

We work with trusted vendors to make sure our services, like fixing mold and restoring fire damage, follow the rules. This demonstrates our commitment to maintaining a professional standard.

We provide warranties for our work. These warranties cover services such as water restoration, mold prevention, and flood restoration. Our goal is to give you peace of mind regarding the reliability and quality of our services.

Insurance coordination process depicted by a professional reviewing house insurance details on a laptop, emphasizing RestoreFast's commitment to reliable service and customer reassurance.

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