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Commercial Solutions

Professional Commercial Restoration Services - Your Fast Track to Recovery

Unexpected disasters such as water damage, fire cleanup, and mold removal can stop business operations completely. At RestoreFast, we provide prompt, professional cleaner service to help your business bounce back swiftly. Our cleaning team is available 24/7 to quickly fix any damage and bring your place back to how it was before.

The Consequences of Neglect

Water Damage

  • Property Damage: Extended water exposure can severely damage the structural integrity of your building.
  • ​Financial Loss: The longer the water damage repairs remain unaddressed, the costlier the restoration.

Mold Damage

  • Black mold and other types can be harmful to health. This is especially true for those with breathing problems. It can cause allergies and serious health issues.
  • ​Property Value Reduction: Mold growth can significantly reduce the value of your property.

Fire Damage​

  • Safety Hazards: Unrestored fire damage can pose serious safety risks.​Asset Destruction: Fire damage can lead to permanent loss of valuable assets.

Our Services

Water Damage Restoration

  • Quick water extraction
  • ​Efficient structural drying
  • ​Moisture control and dehumidification

Professional water damage restoration equipment in use, indicating rapid water extraction and structural drying services by RestoreFast.

Fire Damage Repair

  • Thorough soot and fire clean up​​
  • ​Odor neutralization
  • ​Structural safety assessments​

Charred remains of a room post-fire, showcasing the need for RestoreFast's thorough soot, fire cleanup, and odor neutralization services.

Mold Restoration & Remediation

  • Effective mold spore containment
  • ​Advanced air filtration
  • ​Antimicrobial treatments for long-term protection​

Industrial setting prepped for mold remediation, demonstrating RestoreFast's effective mold spore containment and advanced air filtration services.

Our Commercial Restoration Process

Initial Assessment

Our experts will conduct a thorough mold inspection to determine the extent of the damage.
We provide a detailed estimate and a tailored restoration plan.


Immediate action to prevent further damage.
Water extraction, soot, debris removal, or mold containment as needed.​

Cleaning and Sanitization

Comprehensive mold cleaning, sanitization, and odor neutralization.
Disposal of damaged materials following local regulations.​

Restoration and Prevention

Restoration work to restore your premises to pre-loss conditions.
Implementation of mold mitigation measures to reduce future risks.

Final Inspection and Handover

A final inspection to ensure the quality and completeness of the mold restoration.
Handover of the premises along with recommendations for any further measures

Why Choose RestoreFast

A technician using advanced diagnostic equipment for precise damage assessment, representing RestoreFast's technology-driven efficiency in restoration.

Technology-Driven Efficiency

Leverage the power of cutting-edge technology for precise damage assessments and effective restoration solutions. Our advanced technology guarantees a smooth restoration process. This technology includes 3D imaging, GPS tracking, and real-time monitoring. It sets us apart from our rivals. ​

Fleet of RestoreFast emergency response vehicles in front of a commercial building, ready to provide rapid disaster recovery services.

Emergency Response  

We have strategically placed regional offices to ensure a response time of under 4 hours from Pennsylvania to Florida. This demonstrates our dedication to assisting businesses to recover quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions


We offer various restoration services for commercial properties, including water damage restoration, fire and smoke damage restoration, mold remediation, and mold prevention. We aim to restore your business premises to pre-disaster conditions quickly and efficiently.

Our emergency response teams are on standby 24/7. We guarantee that we will arrive at your location within 4 hours of your call. Our goal is to minimize the time without service and promptly restore it.

The restoration process includes the following steps: Initial Assessment, Mitigation, Cleaning and Sanitization, Restoration and Prevention, and Final Inspection and Handover.

The cost to restore something depends on the extent of the damage, the required services, and other project details. We provide a detailed estimate after the initial assessment.

Mold prevention services include effective mold spore containment, advanced air filtration, antimicrobial treatments, and comprehensive solutions to safeguard your premises against future mold issues​.


The drying time is influenced by various factors, including the location, duration, and source of water, the types of building materials, weather conditions, and how quickly emergency services begin. Depending on the conditions, It may take three to five days or more​.

The fire restoration process duration varies because of many variables and services involved. Consulting with the restoration technician to get estimated dates and phases of your restoration project is advisable.

The extent of the damage and the construction of the furniture will determine if it is possible to restore it. You must dry the furniture before you can adequately assess the damage, and we will document any unsalvageable furniture.

Mold can harm buildings and decrease property value if not found and fixed, leading to costly repairs. Mold exposure can also cause health issues like nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, wheezing, and skin irritation​.

Professionals advise against attempting "do-it-yourself" cleaning methods without consulting them. Experienced technicians use professional cleaning systems and products to fully restore your belongings.

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